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Why R-Score is Important


82.6% of US organizations have been victims of one or more successful cyber attacks (CyberEdge 2020)


24x average cost of downtime over the ransomware amount (CyberEdge 2020)


200,000,000 ransomware attacks in the first 9 months of 2020 (SonicWall)


$7.5B Cost of ransomware attacks in 2019 (Emsisoft)

Simon Taylor

As much as all of us in technology would like to believe we can eliminate ransomware attacks, the focus needs to be on rallying the industry around a way of quantifying and measuring what steps can, and should, be taken to avoid having to pay exorbitant ransoms for companies to get their data back.

Simon Taylor

Founder and CEO, HYCU, Inc.

Kevin Mandia

R-Score is designed to provide a framework to measure resiliency and recovery. These are critical components to combatting ransomware actors and giving business leaders confidence that they are prepared to operate in the current threat environment.

Kevin Mandia

CEO, FireEye Mandiant
Enrique Salem

What really matters is recovery. You can’t run your business if your data is not available.

Enrique Salem

Partner, Bain Capital Ventures
Craig P. Abod

We’re excited to work with HYCU and all the supporting companies on ransomware recovery and the launch of R-Score.

Craig P. Abod

President, Carahsoft
Professor Kevin R. Powers, J.D.

By using R-Scores' interactive platform, information security teams, and, most importantly, senior executives and Boards of Directors, will be able to get key insights as to their cyber-readiness through R-Scores' easy to follow dashboards and grading system.

Professor Kevin R. Powers, J.D.

Founder and Director, Cybersecurity Graduate Programs, Boston College Cybersecurity Research Affiliate

MIT Sloan School of Management (CAMS)

Tony Safoian

R-Score is bringing the best and brightest minds together across the industry to help educate, manage and ready companies in the inevitability of an attack.

Tony Safoian

President and CEO, SADA

An independent assessment of your ransomware recovery score

No organization is exempt from a ransomware attack. In this report, DCIG provides objective insights of the newly created R-Score. Highlights include what it is, how it works, and what it delivers as a benchmark to assess and gauge your ransomware recovery score.
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